Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hate and other crap not withstanding

Thank you to the more than 4000 people who have taken time to write me. with support. I vow to do my best to keep trying to answer every one of your mails. I'm more that two thirds caught up, and really want everyone still waiting to know I WILL give you back what you gave me, and that is the precious gift of personal contact ... I needed you, and I owe you.

We now have a very good lead on who the blackmailer is. Apparently she's been a successful blackmailer before. LOL, and I thought I was a jealous individual. IO can't even begin to hold a card to this gal. But you know what, I can't hold a grudge. I'm surprised as heck, since I never really bothered her at all - and really only ever tried to suck up when all things are considered - and pretty much dissapeared from her sphere or influence with virtually no struggle once she made me an issue .... Yes, I know, what goes around comes around, I had it coming, .... and you know what, when it comes to spanking forum politics and crimes, as it stands now, I've paid in spades and then some. I've watched my choices set in motion and inevitable tide and watched helplessly and in pain while my desperate, needy world was blown apart, and I've had to accept the loss of friends I really valued. If I was the only one who offered up embellished realities out of lonely realities, I'd be OK with the villification. I'm not though & if there is anyone on earth who knows this intimately, it is the woman who is blackmailing me .. not to mention her source.

A photo of my home, some carefully dropped names and a very cold threat worked to destroy this blog. You WON!!!!!!!

Even so, more than a month later, the statistics show that more than 2,000 people visit here everyday just through key word searches; a huge drop from the 6,000 - 8,000 a day before I "deleted' myself. I can no more dissapear from the internet "as if I never existed" than I can keep from farting in the morning after eating a bag full of cashew nuts. On August 18, 2006, the 2 year anniversary of CSW my counter hit more than fivemillion fivehundred thousand unique visitors. It was a very lonely day. I'd earned it, but couldn't celebrate it.

Well, I know who you are, and so does the FBI and my attorney. GRIN! And you know that we know who you are. I have NOT committed ANY actual crime, but YOU HAVE! Wanna have a pissing contest over that? LOLOLOL???? I gave all of the particulars of my so called crime to CS1, the FBI and my local DA and have been assured that I am NOT guilty of any deliberate fraud and am not in jeapardy of being prosecuted, while YOU are guilty of deliberate premediated blackmail and harrassment, and you used the US mail to perpetrate it.

I know you have no ethics. I know who you are remember, and so do the people who told me and my friends who you are. You're a very jealous woman. Duh... like anyone should be surprised!!!!! Your history damns you. Wanna go to every shadowlane party and be known on every forum outright for who you are, a woman who is so jealous and bitter that she used blackmail to try and eliminate two people from their little lives on line by threateneing cruel devastation if not out right destruction of personal life, livelihood among other things. I'm not your 1st target. That puts you in a whole other category of criminal gal. You CAN't stay anonymous and remain credible, Come out to prattle your venom about me to my employer and you are immediately out to the FBI & DA. Once you give positive ID, no matter who you try and convince to do it for you, ISP's, phone numbers and names will be demanded. You said try me in your cruel blackmail USP mail. Naw, you're trying enough.

For those of you looking for CSW content, I'm so sorry I have to rebuild it. I promise to do it though. I promise no matter what.

For now, wanna just visit... try my new blog or if you just want my art try my new gallery.

I'm working on a pure story site & a pure art site.... and a ne blog....

I love y'all. I really do.